Full description of Nimble default contact fields

Field types

Here described basic field types in Nimble. For full list of Nimble default fields — see below.

Default fields

Simple text fields, like first name, last name, title, description, etc.


All values represented as dictionary with following keys: street, city, state, zip, country. This dictionary should be dumped to JSON string, and this string should be used as field’s value.


    "type": "person",
    "fields": {
        "address": [{
            "value": "{\"street\":\"Test\", \"city\":\"Testing\", \"country\":\"Togo\"}",
            "modifier": "other"

Social fields

For creation of contacts with social fields, all field values should correspond specific rules.

Value should be twitter’s username, e.g. nimble or twitter
Value should be users’s Facebook profile URL, e.g. http://www.facebook.com/grigori.rasputin
Value should be users’s LinkedIn profile URL, e.g. http://ua.linkedin.com/in/grigori.rasputin
Value should be users’s Google+ profile URL, e.g. https://plus.google.com/265456261827029907830/
Value should be: user’s id in Foursquare, user’s screen name (if set) or Foursquare profile URL.

In response, for every contact, Nimble adds additional information to fields, fetched from social network:

URL of users’s avatar in this social network.
Network-specific unique ID of user’s account.
User’s name, obtained from social account.


To correctly get data from social networks, user should connect appropriate social network account in Nimble. If no account connected — Nimble sometimes could be not able to fetch data.


"facebook": [{
    "avatar_url": "http://graph.facebook.com/210857648102/picture",
    "group": "Contact Info",
    "user_id": "210857648102",
    "user_name": "Nimble",
    "modifier": "",
    "field_id": "4eabb2494fb88d3352011a82",
    "value": "http://www.facebook.com/nimble",
    "label": "facebook"

Parent company

Usual string, representing parent company for this person’s contact. If company with corresponding name (search are case-insensitie) not found — it will be created. Value record for this field contains additional key extra_value, holding unique ID of parent company.


The domain field. Example: nimble.com. This field satisfies the following conditions:

  • Unique in terms of team. It is possible to have only one company record with particular value in the whole account.
  • Properly formatted. No protocol or path is allowed, it can have 3rd level domain at most.
  • It can be assigned to company records only

Nimble default fields

Full list of Nimble default fields
Field Name Type Multiple field Modificators Notes
first name default - N/A For person contact
last name default - N/A For person contact
middle name default - N/A  
company name default - N/A For company contact
title default - N/A  
parent company parent company - N/A  
domain domain - N/A Unique. For company contact
source default - N/A Source of this contact (import, manual creation, etc.)
last contacted outdated - N/A Replaced by corresponding field in contact resource
phone default +
  • work
  • home
  • mobile
  • main
  • home fax
  • work fax
  • other
email default +
  • work
  • personal
  • other
skype id default + N/A  
twitter social + N/A  
facebook social + N/A  
linkedin social + N/A  
google plus social + N/A  
foursquare social + N/A  
address address +
  • work
  • home
  • other
hubspot default - N/A  
URL default +
  • work
  • personal
  • blog
  • other
description default +
  • other
  • twitter
  • facebook
  • linkedin
  • google+
  • foursquare
If possible, fetches descriptions from social networks
annual revenue default - N/A  
# of employees dropdown - N/A  
lead status dropdown - N/A  
rating dropdown - N/A  
lead source dropdown - N/A  
lead type dropdown - N/A  
birthday default - N/A  

Nimble default field groups

Nimble default field groups
Group Name Description Fields
Basic info Contact’s basic info
  • first name,
  • last name,
  • middle name,
  • company name,
  • title,
  • parent company,
  • source,
  • last contacted
Personal Info Personal contact’s details
  • birthday
Extra Info Contact’s extended information
  • URL,
  • description
Contact Info How to reach this contact
  • phone,
  • email,
  • skype id,
  • twitter,
  • facebook,
  • linkedin,
  • google+,
  • foursquare,
  • address,
  • hubspot
Company Info Extended information about contact’s company
  • annual revenue,
  • # of employees
Lead Details Information abut contact as lead
  • lead status,
  • rating,
  • lead source,
  • lead type,

Nimble fields presentation

To control, how contacts will look in Nimble, special parameter presentation included in fields metadata. Usually it is a dictionary with 2 fields:

  • type — represents type of field in nimble. It can have one of the following values:

    • single-line-text-box — simple field with one line of text
    • multi-line-text-box — field, containing multiline text
    • select-box — drop-down list with predefined values, require additional parameter values, containing list of dictionaries, representing list items (see examples below)
    • separator — separator with heading, that could be used for logical fields grouping
    • address — field with address, that will allow input of address in Nimble default format
  • width — integer value of 1 or 2, represents, how many columns will this field occupy in Nimble.


    width: 1,
    type: "single-line-text-box"
    width: 1,
    values: [{
        id: 1,
        value: "Yes"
    }, {
        id: 2,
        value: "No"
    }, {
        id: 3,
        value: "I don't know"
    type: "select-box"