Nimble is a social relationship management tool that brings together your contacts from many disparate locations into one place; gives you a dynamic, 360º view of each contact; and helps you nurture the new and important contacts in your network. The Nimble platform offers access to the stored data via our APIs. Currently, only contact data is accessible via our REST API, and this data is available with limited functionality under the “beta” label. We plan on releasing additional functionality in the following order:

  • GET contact list and contact detail, includes simple SEARCH – available
  • CREATE/UPDATE/DELETE contact - available
  • GET contact list with advanced SEARCH - available
  • GET/CREATE/UPDATE/DELETE custom fields and groups via metadata API - available
  • GET/CREATE/UPDATE/DELETE notes related to contacts - available
  • CREATE related activities - available
  • GET related activities - TBD
  • GET related messages - TBD
  • GET related social - TBD
  • MERGE contact - TBD

Given the early state of the API, some aspects of the API are subject to change.

We are building the API with a few main use cases in mind: widgets/extensions to Nimble, web clients (including our own), mobile clients. and ultimately 2-way data integrations with other services. We aspire to make an API that is simple to use, easy to read, and flexible.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated while we continue to shape our API offering.